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PT. KURA-KURA (hereinafter referred to as “KURA-KURA”) places great importance on the privacy of its users. As such, we have established this Privacy Policy to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal information you provide. This Privacy Policy applies to information collected from users from the effective date of 1 January 2014.

In this Privacy Policy, we provide information about the type and use of information that KURA-KURA collects from users. Before submitting your personal information, please read this policy carefully to learn about our privacy practices. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at

1. What information we collect from you

1.1.General users

We automatically collect limited information about your computer when you visit our site. Kura-Kura records the IP address of visitors in the case of a problem occurring on our server, as well as for statistical purposes. The IP address of a user may be the same each time, or it may be different - this depends on the method of connection ie. dial-up or constant connection (eg. DSL or cable modem ). In both cases, it is extremely difficult to gain personal information from the IP address of a visitor, and we will never attempt to find out this information from you.

If you came to our site by clicking on a link on a different site, Kura-Kura will record this information. This kind of information helps us understand our users’ preferences and measure the effectiveness of various advertising. It will also help us to customize the content of our website and to improve our service. All information is collectively integrated into our our database (as opposed to being collected individually from each user) and is used as a general overview of all our users.

Small data text files called “cookies” will be sent to your computer’s hard drive. These cookies help us recognize previous visitors and also identify the route history of our users. Kura-Kura cannot identify any personal information stored in these cookies, nor can we gain access to any information stored on your hard drive. In addition, we cannot access information from cookies sent from other websites. Information collected will only be used as described above, and also to improve our website. Each user can prevent their browser from accepting new cookies, however in this case cookies from all websites will be blocked, not only cookies sent from Kura-Kura. As every browser is different, it is best to go to the Help portion of the toolbar of your browser to explain how to block cookies. As personal information cannot be gained, we recommend users to accept cookies sent to them from Kura-Kura.

2. How we use your information

We will use users’ information for the benefit of both Kura-Kura and its website users.

3. With whom we share your information

As described in this Privacy Policy, any personal information collected by KURA-KURA will not be sold or shared in any way (except in the case of our business partners and some third parties). With respect to third parties, general information collected from all users may be provided for the purpose of marketing or promotion. In this case, no information will be provided that can personally identify you. We may provide personal information to third parties such as market research companies and marketing service providers (such as advertising agencies) for the purpose of KURA-KURA marketing. These third-parties are not permitted to share or use the information for any other purpose. In addition, KURA-KURA has an obligation to cooperate with the judicial law, should personal information be demanded. In this instance, only limited information as required will be disclosed.

4.How we protect your information

KURA-KURA has taken steps to protect personal information stored in our systems. For example, only employees who we believe have a legitimate reason will have access to users’ personal information.

We perform measures to avoid the illegal access of users’ information, however no system can guarantee 100% security.

5.Changes to this Privacy Policy

In the future, KURA-KURA may update this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change this policy and in the case of significant changes that affect the personal information we have already collected from users, we will make all reasonable efforts to notify our users of these changes.

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